Opera today 

"There is no one else in the entire world who has your soul, your mind, and your voice. You are truly unique, and you must remember that the things you want to communicate to the world are of real value."

opera warhorses

"It's very strange that I was attracted to 20th century music even before I was a singer – barely even a music student. There was something very powerful about hearing a story communicated in English."



Classical singer magazine

“I develop a kind of psychological profile or map of the character I’m playing: What’s important to him? What does he want to accomplish? What are his fears? What is in his heart?”







"It was a pivotal moment in my growth as an opera singer, becoming unhinged onstage. It opened up not only the character but my singing."



"When I sing Jack Torrance, I strive to create sounds of hope and terror and despair and glee so that the audience feels my character and understands him in a way they couldn't by watching a movie or reading a book."